Easily the most exciting addition to CoBALT's In-House Effects capabilities.


Paws Virtual Set


The effective merger of CG and live action.


The technology tracks camera position and orientation on stage, then merges the chroma key content with your CG environment IN FULL MOTION…IN REAL TIME.  So basically while you’re shooting your green screen / live action element, you’re seeing a composite of the ENTIRE scene…. LIVE.


It incorporates your live action with a CG environment, 8 HD video sources or 3 4K videos, and through Motion Builder it can incorporate live animation via motion capture.


Currently it’s being used as a previz tool on a ton of features and episodics.  Jungle Book just won the Oscar for VFX using this technology.


Here’s a work-in-progress demo we cut together of Virtual Sets in action….


Link To w.i.p Demo


Link to spots